Maya the Dark Elf (GoGo Loco, SPS w/ Sounds!)

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I know what you´re thinking

I know I have issues.

But you get dark anime elf waifu. Enjoy.

Say hello to Maya! I honestly just need to start making avis based of my favorite hentais. I hope you enjoy my thicc dark elf lady!

She comes with 5 hairstyles: Long Up Do, Long Hair, Bob Hair, Ponytail and Bun style.

11 Hair Color options: White, Black, Grey, Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Ombre, Brown, Ginger, Maroon, Blue and Pink.

She has a color hue for her eyes & tattoos and anything with a purple mat. (Same with the succubus tats, womb tattoo and the demon toggle.) Also gold to silver toggle.

She comes with 10 body mods: Booba, Tummy, Fupa, Belly, Wide Waist, Slim Hips, Small Waist, Thicc, Cheeks & Abs.

There's a slider for body shine and different nipple texture, bonus tiptoe toggle.

Avatar Dynamics: Pull down dynamic, Panty Pull, Milkies & Butt Smacks.

NSFW Toggles: Body Coom, Shibari and Plug. (She also has the SPS Sound System. Also with SPS Belly bulge!)

3 Outfit Variants: Dark Elf Outfit, Turtleneck Outfit and Dress Outfit.

Accessories: Necklace, Claws, Rings, Tiara, Elf Ears, Gag and Glasses.

Extras: She has 4 different skin options: Clean, Succubus Tattoos, Muscular Body & Demon Mode.
This is a personal sculpt of this base, done by Skuny#0087. I've also re-uv the neck from the old Panda base to fix the weird gap from other textures, so this is fixed. The nails and toe nails to fit any nail texture for the Paandabear base (I also re-uved them). I also added a tip toe blendshape. I sculpted the feet and each toe nails onto the feet using Honey Labs nails. (This is on top of Scarlett's sculpt.)

Ask me for personal use of this base. You must own rights to the base and Honey Labs nail mesh:
Please join my server for any questions. <3
You are not allowed to take anything off of the avatar to use for resale purposes.

Please buy from original creators. Please do not redistribute, no sharing, price splitting or leaking. Please do not make them public. If you need help with uploading or with the price, DM me! We can work something out.

All uploads for this model must be private, please do not upload it public. No re-selling this package or claiming as your own.
You are allowed to use my head edits and base edit for PERSONAL USE. Please buy the license from their respected creators and support them. For commercial use, DM me.

No refunds. If you request refund or as fraud, you will be banned/blacklisted unless given a valid reason why. You not having any money is not my problem. I also have the right to revoke access, refun you fully and blacklist you if any problem occurs, or new info is brought to the table about any form of malicious intent, leaking, etc.

If the model breaks due to VRC updates, I will do my best to fix them but will not be my priority since it is not a wrong on my end. Any mistaeks I've made I will fix.

You are not allowed to use any of my models if you are associated with VSF, Megaslutverse and Maze. (If I find out you use my models to record content for Maze, I will refund you and take away your license and blacklist you.) You are allowed to use my models on social media and streaming websites as long as you credit me, ask first please.

You are not allowed to edit and re-sell my models. All my models are concepts and ideas made by me.

If this is a gift for someone, click the gift option and add their email and discord. If you buy it for someone under you, I will refund you and ask you do it properly. Unless you ask me for permission to upload for someone. (I also do not care if you and other party don't work out, do not ask me again to upload it to someone else again. Tell them to buy the model.)

You are not allowed to headswap my models to any loli, booth or Hoppu heads. Or use my models for content with other models that resemble child like or young looking avatars.

If you are VTuber or wanna use my avis for content creation outside of Twitch, Kick, Fansly, OnlyFans, etc, you need to have permission to use them. If you do so without having permission from me, you will be blacklisted, and will be DMCA.
How to Import thru VRC CC:
then Model!

Please buy this with basic Unity Knowledge.
This model was done in Unity 2019.4.31. Make sure you have the correct version.
This model was done with VRCFury and it is needed!
Poiyomi Shader Pro V7.3.050 (Not Included)

VRC Fury
is included already:
Crystal Shader(I will no longer be including any other tools since they cause projects to break.)
Body: Pandaabear(This base is heavily edited & re-uv by Skuny, this is strictly for personal. This edit of this base is my sculpt on top of Scarlett's sculpt. DM for personal use. No commercial use at all.)
Head & Other Hair Cards: Cici's type 3 Female by Cicieaaa(Heavy sculpt, do not re use, ask for permission to re use in any shape or from, it has been re-done with Skuny's teeth and tongue, that you also must purchase to re use. I added Nessy's lashes and brows to this head as well.)
Up Do Hair: Nessy
Ponytail with Bun, Face Text and Headcap: Saikura
Bangs on Pony: Nymphee
Bob Hair: Eliza (re uved, no re use)
Eye Texture: SteadySniper
Hair Cards 1: WetCat
Hair Cards 2: Aantara
Base Body Text: Lunanyxia
Succubus Tattoo: reimacs
Face Texture with Tats: YingYang
Pewbs: Zeit (re textured by TokSin, no reuse)
Coom Body Texture: Odin
Womb Tattoo and Dark Elf Outfit: Yuutsu
Turtleneck Outfit, Stockings & Stretch Marks: Meowmi
Dress: Shizuki
Socks & Vans: Plaz
Bra and Panties: Missehy´s
Heels: Ivy
Claws: Jaaku
Tiara: Sheeba
Anklet: xSnail
Necklace: Bookieson (rigged by me, no re use)
Plug: KOLD
Rings: PastelPlushies
Earrings: RINZY
Elf Ears: >River<
Gag: Aika
Glasses: tobsii
Shibari: Renipuff
PP Setup: ScartlettKat
PP Texture: Senespera
SPS Setup: Wholesome
Heart & Milk Particles: bunky
SPS Sound System: Dismay
Icons: awni, smoluni , Boo

Custom Texture work: TokSin & Rain (bless them for my lack of photoshop knowledge)
The normal for the muscle map is by e0x0p, do NOT re use. (respect my habibi´s texture)

Pictures by: Fallen, LillytheCow, Brent and Halfway Soap. (my little helpers, ilysm)

Toggle Showcase: ToxictheDemon (tomorrow) (hire them and give them all your money)

I want this!


Overall Performance
Very Poor
Polys w/ SPS
Particle Count
Texture Memory
165.3984 MB
Download Size in Game
48.72 MB
Polys w/o SPS
Audio Sources
855 MB
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Maya the Dark Elf (GoGo Loco, SPS w/ Sounds!)

59 ratings
I want this!